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Insomniatic (2007)
Deluxe Edition
Potential Breakup Song — Single
Insomniatic is the third studio album by American pop rock duo Aly & AJ, released on July 10, 2007, by Hollywood Records. The album debuted at number 15 on the Billboard 200 with sales of 39,000. Two singles were spawned from the album. The first single, "Potential Breakup Song", was released on June 26, 2007 and became charted within the top 30 in several countries, including the United States where it peaked at number 17. "Like Whoa" was released as the album's second single in early 2008 and charted in the lower regions of the charts. The album was the duo's final release with Hollywood Records and under the name Aly & AJ. They changed their name to 78violet in 2009 and again changed it to Aly & AJ in 2015. They left Hollywood in 2010 before forming their own label 78violet Music LLC
Released: July, 10 2007
Recording: 2007
Genre: Electro rock
Leigh: 42:55
Label: Hollywood Records
Producers: Antonina Armato, Tim James
1. Potential Breakup Song
2. Bullseye
3. Closure
4. Division (÷)
5. Like It or Leave It
6. Like Whoa
7. Insomniatic
8. Silence
9. If I Could Have You Back
10. Blush
11. Flattery
12. I'm Here
13. Chemicals React (Remix) (Deluxe Edition)
14. Careful With Words (Deluxe Edition)
15. Tears (Deluxe Edition)