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About Aly & AJ Russia

Welcome to Aly & AJ Russia, our fansite about Aly & AJ Michalka. You can find the latest news about Michalka’s sisters and see their latest photos and listen to their music.

Aly & AJ Russia’s Story
• Do you want to know the story of us? Read this story here.

Aly & AJ Russia’s site layouts
• See what kind of themes the site has had since we opened this one.

Aly & AJ Russia’s Domains
• Because we had many domains, here you can see the list of all of them.

Aly & AJ Russia’s Contacts / Aly & AJ’s Contacts
• See how you can contact the webmaster and Michalkas.

Apply For Affiliates
• Do you want to affiliate? Read about this here. We are always looking for affiliates.

Paparazzi Free
• Here’s why we have kept our site clean of paparazzi and what is not confirmed by Aly & AJ.