Apply For Affiliates

If you want to become an affiliate of Aly & AJ Russia, you just need to apply the form that you see bellow. But we accept only these sites, which do not violate the rules that you must accept.


– Your site must be regularly updated. If your site is not updated for 2-3 months, we will remove it.
– No sites with a hateful, pornographic and racist content will be accepted.
– Sites with any spam/virus things will not be accepted.
– If your site dedicated to Aly & AJ or one of them, it will be automatically accepted and added to the elite affiliates.
– If you apply for affiliates and do not add our site to your affiliates for 1 week, we will remove your site from our ones.
– If your site has an account on Twitter, and you tell us your username, we will follow you.

If the form does not work for you, then just send an email with the subject “Apply For Affiliates” to and leave the datas you see bellow. If you do not receive an answer in one month, please, send the info again.

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Apply for affiliates:

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