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Paparazzi Free, Unconfirmed News Free, Leaked Material Free

If you have not known it yet, we are informing you that we here, on Aly & AJ Russia, have not been posting paparazzi photos since March 2017. All the photos from paparazzi we used to have on our photogallery were deleted from the site and will no longer be published again. And we are not currently posting any sort of news about Aly & AJ that WERE NOT CONFIRMED by the sisters, their managers or family.

As all of you know, Aly & AJ Russia (previously known as Michalka Fan Russia from 2012 to 2016) is a fan site dedicated to Alyson and Amanda Michalka and their band, Aly & AJ. Here, we post news about their musical career and acting career, and bring you all the photos, videos, and interviews from various public appearances, music performances and movies/TV shows they film in. But since 2016, you cannot find any paparazzi photos and personal and leaked photos of the sisters unless they have to do with their music or acting career.

We decided to do that to show respect for Alyson and Amanda‘s privacy and encourage all of you to do the same. That’s why here, you can find only post pictures, information, videos, etc of Aly & AJ without reaching their privacy. No paparazzi, personal photos and videos and leaked material will be posted on the site, and you cannot find them here. But images on the set, behind the scenes, the sisters’ official events, photoshoots, and everything that is legal will be posted on Aly & AJ Russia. On our source, you can find ONLY confirmed and legal information about Alyson and Amanda‘s music and acting career.

In the case if you want some information to be deleted from the site, feel free to contact us and tell about your claims.