Aly & AJ’s New Era starts in March 2019
Written by: Maria
Hello, my name is Maria, I am 22, was born in Moscow, Russia, and I am a creator and administrator of the site Aly & AJ Russia. I have been a fan of the Michalkas since June 2009 when I heard their song "Chemicals React", but actually, I heard this song in Simlish in 2006 when I was a fan of The Sims 2 and played the addition The Sims 2 Pets, but I did not know that was Aly & AJ. But everything got clear in 2009, and I got a great interest for Alyson and Amanda and even founded the community Aly & AJ Russia in October 2011 and have been making it grow more...
Post published on February 27, 2019
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A few days ago, Aly & AJ teased on Twitter that they are going to start a brand new era in March. They said, “Thank you to the absolutely delicious & vegetarian friendly LA restaurant The Kind Sage for providing our crew with the best lunch during our music video shoot yesterday! […] Feeling more inspired than ever that our second single video is being shot in black & white after watching #Roma last night. What are some of your favorite b&w videos? […] March = New Era of Aly & AJ“.

So, judging these words and some information we have found on the web, we can give you the following pieces of news:

1. Aly & AJ‘s first single will be out somewhere at the end of March (the sisters posted a tweet with 22 crunch emojies – so, we could assume the date is March, 22nd; but now we got the confirmed information that the release day is March, 29th)

2. The sisters also posted some behind the scenes photos on Instagram, thanks to which we can see that Alyson and Amanda work on not one but TWO music videos, one of which is going to be black & white and shot in/around Brooklyn and Coney Island

3. The director for these music videos is Alex Ross Perry, the one that worked on the music video for “Take Me” from “Ten Years” EP

4. During giving an interview to Build Series she gave on February, 26th, AJ said that the new EP would include five new tracks

5. The new EP is set to be out somewhere in May

6. There will be a tour in May-June that is going to be much longer than their previous tour “Promises Tour” because Aly & AJ will probably visit 35 cities in the USA + Vancouver and Toronto; the right dates will be revealed very soon

7. The new Aly & AJ‘s merch will be out somewhere in March as well as the first single

8. We got the information about the first confirmed show the sisters will perform on; it’s going to happen on May, 1st at Illinois State University’s Springfest

This post will be updating every time we get some new pieces of news about Aly & AJ‘s new music and upcoming tour. Do not forget to come back here to check all the latest news and be the first one to know everything.

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