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Reddit Q&A: Recap
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Mar 22 2023

Yesterday, Aly & AJ were answering questions on the platform Reddit about their recently released album “With Love From” and their upcoming tour which starts on March, 30rd. Here’s the list of all the questions from the users and Alyson and Amanda‘s answers to them (might contain some interesting information). If something is missing, let me know it.

User 1: Hello ladies! I absolutely love your music, thanks for doing this AMA! What would you consider the impetus for shifting towards the Americana sound of With Love From? EDIT: In case you see this before answering the first question, what is your go to Taco Bell order?
User 2: Aly’s taco bell order is either a burrito supreme or a crunchwrap supreme with cinnamon twists (she’s told me before lol)
Aly & AJ: Yup that’s correct. I don’t go outside of that order

User: What was making a TikTok with Kelly Clarkson like? lol
Aly & AJ: Fast lol

User: Hi legends, I love the album so much !!! Is the brown vinyl going to be available on your website eventually for fans who can’t make it to the tour? Also, are there any plans for a deluxe album (including vinyl)?
Aly & AJ: We’re thinking about having the brown (tootsie roll) variant available for tour only.

User: What city are you most excited to perform for?
Aly & AJ: I can’t wait for The Ryman in Nashville! – AJ

User: How do you both choose the songs you put out as singles?
Aly & AJ: We put song names in a hat

User: When you girls are on tour what’s one thing you guys like about traveling?
All the food spots we get to go back to! We have a long list of places

User: What kind of tour merch will we see?
Aly & AJ: Oh, just you wait.

User: Did you collab on any songs with Jorge Elbrecht for this LP?
Aly & AJ: We did! Jorge Elbrecht co wrote Tear the Night up & Love You This Way with us

User: What was it like being on the Kelly Clarkson show?
Aly & AJ: We had an absolute blast! She is truly an incredible human

User: Are you and Yves still aiming for a third album to round out an ATOTB/WLF/??? trilogy?
Aly & AJ: We sure are. We call it’s our 3 picture deal

User: Will you guys ever play around with the more pop/80’s synth vibe that y’all had going on during the “Ten Years” era in the future?
Aly & AJ: Nah. I think it’s not in our current sound at the moment. Although we do love synths! You should check out Kungs

User: Hi, Aly & AJ! I’m from Malaysia and I’ve been a fan since I was 8/9. I’m 27 now. I have a question but are you guys gonna release more A&A versions of your old songs? Asking because Insomniatic isn’t on any streaming platforms here and I wanna support yall the right way. Anyway, love the new album!! With love from Malaysia, Alfi. A big fan.
Aly & AJ: Hi there!!!!! We have never been to Malaysia but we hope to visit and play there one day. Thank you for listening for so many years. Means the world to us

User: What was the first and last song you wrote for this album?
Aly & AJ: First song was Open to Something I believe. And last song was Way of Nature

User: What is each of your favorite songs on the album right now?
Aly & AJ: Right now, I’m loving 6 Months of Staring into the Sun! – AJ

User: If Hellcats was to make a revival what would your characters be up to now?
Aly & AJ: I think Deidre would be a drug addict and Marty would be a cheer coach at a junior college. Deidre would be in a sober living facility….maybe not a current addict.

User: Would you ever perform Attack of Panic live in the future?
Aly & AJ: Yeah we still think that song is fantastic. Music video holds up too

User: Hi! Thanks for doing this, and ahh tour is so soon I can’t wait!! I was wondering if y’all were planning on partnering with a charity again this time around? I really admire the work you’ve done with The Trevor Project and Project HEAL <3 Also, on the topic of The Trevor Project, any chance we’ll be getting a new Pride shirt this year? Thanks again, and break a leg in Oakland next week! Aly & AJ: Hi there Tony! Yes! We are partnering with an organization again. It’s our goal to do that every time we go out! Can’t wait to announce who it will be this time around ♥️

User: First off, I’m super excited to see you on tour. It’ll be my first time seeing you two as headliners. I saw you two open for Ben Platt in Chicago which was amazing. I would like to know, when you perform Rush on the tour, will it be it’s own performance or part of a medley with another song like it was at Corona Capital?
Aly & AJ: It will be its own moment!

User: Dare we try costume changes this tour?
Aly & AJ: We don’t have enough people to help us get in and out of the changes I think there’s a future where we do one though. Who knows?!?

User: Hey! I’ve been a fan since seeing the No One” music video on family channel all those years ago. Will be seeing you in Toronto for the first time! Wondering which albums/EPs can we expect to hear songs from on the tour? Desperately hoping Take Me is on the set list
Aly & AJ: Take Me is on the setlist! We actually wanted to put I Know in but we ran out of room. That’s probably my fav song off that EP

User: Will Bixby be at the Ryman m&g? Will Rush end up being the dnn mashup?
Aly & AJ: He sure will be!!!!

User: So, I have honestly never heard of you and decided to listen to the new album and so far I love it!
Aly & AJ: Oh thank you!!! We love a new discovery

User: Would you guys ever plan to collab with The Nationals?
Aly & AJ: I wish! Aaron Dessner works with everyone now. Maybe we’re next?!

User: Love the new album!! Which song are you most excited to perform live?

User: who is each of your dream collabs?

User: How is your house doing after the tree fell on it? Laurel Canyon giving nature’s revenge
Aly & AJ: lol #naturesrevenge should be the next album name. Honestly, the canyon is a shit show. Aly lost 3 eucalyptus trees and I lost a sumac tree. I’m a tree expert now.

User: Has a moth ever eaten your pillow?
Aly & AJ: lol no, thank God. But our sweaters for sure

User: Aly, what do you have against coffee? AJ – pourover, espresso-based drinks, or French Press?
Aly & AJ: French press when I’m home, espresso based when I’m out

User: Was the dress ever not blue?
Aly & AJ: Always blue baby

User: Your shows are honestly so healing. Have you ever been to concert that felt like that?
Aly & AJ: Oh yes many times. The National have put on some of my favorite shows….especially when I’m next to my husband

User: When will you be releasing Acoustic Hearts of Winter (A&A Version)?
Aly & AJ: New Christmas EP in the works instead 😉

User: How does Yves feel about all the Sunchoke love?
Aly & AJ: Ya know what I don’t know?!? I’ve gotta ask him. He did try to cut that song early on so he’s gonna laugh that it’s having such a moment

User: Aly-what are you doing for your 34th birthday?
Aly & AJ: Gonna do a pottery class! Will be 5 of us 🙂 I’m so excited I’ve only done it one other time

User: Does it get cramped on your tour bus?
Aly & AJ: Yes! But this time we have 2!!

User: How long did it take you to come up with the track list for WLF?
Aly & AJ: It took us about a week or two to find the order of the album

User: Was there a specific lyric on the album you wrote and then went “holy shit, that’s sooo good?”
Aly & AJ: The bridge of With Love From

User: Super excited to see you guys in Nashville!! Can’t wait! It’ll be my mom and I seeing you two again! 🥰 What are you most looking towards playing at the Ryman again? PS are we allowed to bring gifts? I’m designing a shirt and hoping I can give them to you two!
Aly & AJ: Yes you can always bring gifts! Aww love that your Mom is coming with

Aly & AJ: Ahahahahahahaahahahhaha

User: Pop tarts or hot pockets?
Aly & AJ: Hot Pockets what kind of question is this?!?

User: If you could “borrow” an iconic song to fit into the With Love From album, what song would it be? Also any chance of covering it on tour??
Aly & AJ: No covers this go around. I think there will be some down the road

User: What would Peyton Charles be up to if there was an iZombie reboot?
Aly & AJ: Her and Ravi would have a baby and she’d be at some high level job with the CDC

User: Any plans to catch Peter Gabriel on his i/o tour this year?
Aly & AJ: You know it! We already messaged the band about us all going together

User: What city or venue are you most excited about on tour?
Aly & AJ: Hammerstein Ballroom and Ryman!

User: What is Carrie’s fav song on the album?
Aly & AJ: 6 Months & Tear the Night Up

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