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Hello, my name is Maria, I am 22, was born in Moscow, Russia, and I am a creator and administrator of the site Aly & AJ Russia. I have been a fan of the Michalkas since June 2009 when I heard their song "Chemicals React", but actually, I heard this song in Simlish in 2006 when I was a fan of The Sims 2 and played the addition The Sims 2 Pets, but I did not know that was Aly & AJ. But everything got clear in 2009, and I got a great interest for Alyson and Amanda and even founded the community Aly & AJ Russia in October 2011 and have been making it grow more...
Post published on June 23, 2018
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We got a few photos from the new photoshoot of Aly & AJ for iHeart Radio. The ladies look so gorgeous in these photos, and we love their black and white outfits. We have added a few photos to the gallery, and you can also check out the interview of Alyson and Amanda for iHeart Magazine by clicking here.

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It’s been more than a decade since the release of their last full-length album, so it’s no surprise that Aly & AJ have rediscovered themselves on the music front. In 2013, the Disney alums attempted to rebrand themselves under another moniker (78violet), but quickly learned that their core audience was simply attached to Alyson and Amanda Michalka, and no amount of nostalgic cringe at teenage wardrobe or aesthetics could change that. Now, over 10 years since Insomniatic, the sister act has unleashed a new chapter of music, including the self-released 10 Years, a four-track ’80s-inspired EP, which combined their cooing vocals, heavy synth and their knack for tender songwriting.

During a rare east coast appearance in conjunction with their tour for the set, Aly & AJ stopped by iHeartRadio HQ to discuss their latest single, former Disney days and just how they’ve managed to become principal businesswomen in the process.

“It is kind of surprising that people connect with old music so much,” AJ explained of their early releases. “We’ve only played five shows so far on this tour, and the response to the old tunes, as well as the new, has been overwhelming. I have to say, I didn’t really know how much people cared still about Into the Rush and Insomniatic and as soon as we play an old chord, it’s like people know and they immediately start singing with us.”

“I mean, I guess it makes sense being a part of the Disney machine, but it’s funny because our lyrics really were so safe,” she recalled of the makings of their early albums. “They were actually policing us when we probably were one of the safest artists for them to allow the ability to write their own music and release it.” And, as we’ve seen with the politics of the industry’s gender bias, the rigid confinements saw some lyrical creatives fall through the cracks, a notion that Aly said was ultimately due to their age and gender. “I think once they saw singles take off they gave us more wiggle room to create, but we felt stifled at times,” Aly revealed, adding, “It was very S&P driven.”

Asked about their brief change in monikers years later, the learning lesson on the matter seemed pretty concrete. “Aly and AJ is a better name than 78Violet,” Aly proclaimed, before AJ offered up the real talk on the matter. “The fans have really responded well to the 78Violet stuff, but it took them so long to realize it was us. There are some fans who are like, ‘I didn’t realize that was you guys!'”

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Aly and AJ have recently released their new single “Good Love” and they stopped by iHeart to talk through their upcoming release of their new EP. They also reflect on the creation of ‘Ten Years‘ and give an exclusive look inside the music industry and what it means to be signed with a big label vs being an independent artist. […] The Michalkas also show off some hilarious and personal photos from their personal camera roll!”

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