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Aly & AJ Russia Theme Has Changed!
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Aug 08 2023

Hi, everyone! Maria is here! I hope you’re having a nice and safe day. It was actually a very unplanned change, but I thought a little, made some experiments, and decided to make some changes in the layout of my site. So, I am happy to introduce Aly & AJ Russia. Style Caster 2.0 Theme. I used the same photos that I used for the previous theme because I haven’t gotten a wish to create a theme with some of resent photos yet. So this era continues, and our main site and photogallery looks much better now. Tell us what you think of this new layout and feel free to tell us about some issues and bugs that you might see. I will fix them as soon as possible and make your experience much better.

English Site: https://alyandajrussia.tk/en/
Russian Site: https://alyandajrussia.tk/ru/
Photogallery: https://alyandajrussia.tk/gallery/

Love, Maria from Aly & AJ Russia.

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