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Aly & AJ Russia Website Celebrates 11 Years Online!
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Jun 06 2023

Hello, the visitors of Aly & AJ Russia site. How are you doing? Maria, the creator of the site, is here. Today is June, 27th. And today is a special date for the community Aly & AJ Russia because today, our site celebrates 11 YEARS online! Can’t believe it’s been so long…

Every year, we keep growing up and getting much better, but I still cannot say we are one of the most popular sources for Aly & AJ news. Nevertheless, we have some fans that have followed us for way long. And we would like to say, “Thank you so much” to these people, who have supported us and helped us get better. Without you, Aly & AJ Russia would have hardly existed and started its work. We are here because of you, and the fact you come back to us daily or at least from time to time is one of the two reasons (the other one is, of course, Aly & AJ) why our community continues to exist.

Thank you so much for all your love, support, kindness, and good words that we have been getting from you. We do really appreciate it highly, it’s very important to us. You can check out Twitter and Facebook (@alyandajrussia) to see what we post and learn what we do not post on the site. Do not forget about Instagram (@alyandajrussia) to see some photos, Instastories that we sometimes post. Feel free to comment/like photos, retweet/like our tweets/posts, tweet/message/e-mail us at any time. We are always ready to contact you if you need it.

We love you all very, very much!
Lots of love, the Aly & AJ Russia Team

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