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Happy 34th Birthday, Aly Michalka!
Aly & AJ Russia Aly Michalka
Mar 03 2023

Today is March, 25th, and we have a very, very special day because it’s a birthday of one of the gorgeous Michalka sisters, Aly. Dear Alyson, the Aly & AJ Russia team wants to wish you a very, very happy birthday and wish you all the best that may ever happen in a human’s life. May you get what you have been probably dreaming about for long. You are our absolutely favorite, talented, kind, beautiful, and humble woman. Never forget that we love you to the moon and back. Hope you are going to have an incredible birthday with those you love. You are inspiration and role model and the reason to get better and to be happy for all of us.

Lots of love, The Aly & AJ Russia Team.

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